Thousands Raised for Teen in Jail for Missing School

A 17-year-old girl was sent to jail for 24 hours for missing school too many time. Diane Tran, an honor student in Texas, was arrested and jailed because she couldn’t pay the $100 fine imposed on her.

According to the state law in Texas, a student is allowed to miss school less than ten times over six months. It is still unclear how many times Diane missed school, but it was enough for her to be arrested and jailed

Reasons of truancy

The 17-year-old girl is not like any other teenage girl. She doesn’t come from any fancy family. Due to this reasons, she is the one that supports her family. Her brothers, sisters, and mother depend on her for support.

She, therefore, has to work two jobs to support her family. This little girl works both fulltime and part-time jobs as well as trying to keep up with school. She works full time at a dry cleaner company and part-time for wedding planning agencies.

Due to all these burdens, it was hard for her to balance school and work. She was said to have spent long nights doing her homework after leaving work. On the weekends she was still busy with her part-time jobs. This was the main reason why sometimes it was hard for her to attend school as required. The amazing thing about Diane is that even with all the absenteeism she still got more A’s than B’s.

However, according to the law, this is not an excuse. The law of truancy has led to many students dropping out of school. The students who get caught under this law are usually the poor kids supporting their families. When they are charged and fined, they spend time in jails and drop out of school after that.

People support Diane

After the story of Diane had gone all over the states, well-wishers came to her aid. A fundraising campaign was formed to raise money to support her. The online campaign at from the Louisiana Children’s Education Alliance is said to have raised over $40000 from different states and different countries to support her. Other people also rallied to raise funds to support her reaching almost $100000.
The funds raised were intended to help her so that she can concentrate in school. The money would support her and her family so she wouldn’t have to work two jobs to support them. Because she is a bright student, it would be sad to see her drop out of school just for lack of funds. This is why many people came out to help her. She refused to take the money saying there are more students out there struggling more than her.

Truancy in Texas.
Texas is the state best known for charging students for truancy. Even though there isn’t an exact number of the students who have been jailed for this law, the number is high. This law doesn’t take into account what caused students to be absent.

Most of the truancy cases aren’t caused by the students themselves. It is not that students don’t want to come to school, but it is due to some circumstances.

  • Financial reasons are the major causes of truancy
  • Instabilities at home.
  • Health reasons may also lead to truancy

The state should take all this into consideration.

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