Witness in Stanford Sexual Assault Case Breaks Silence

In the infamous Stanford rape case involving Brock Turner and his anonymous victim it only seems as if there is a villain and a victim. Enough light has not been shed on the two heroes that were able to put a stop to the sexual assault as it was occurring. The names of these hero’s are Carl Fredrik Arndt and Peter Jonsson, Swedish Ph.D students that also attended Stanford. In a letter written by the victim, who wishes to remain anonymous, she is so thankful for the heroes that came to her rescue when she was unconscious and unable to defend herself from such a inhumane act of sexual assault. She has yet to meet these heroes and will likely keep it that way unless she comes out publicly as the victim of this heinous crime.

The way the story was described by the witnesses is as following.Carl Fredrik Arndt and Peter Jonsson were both on a bike ride riding past a fraternity house. As they were approaching the dumpsters behind the fraternity house where the sexual assault occurred they noticed something strange.

“We saw that she was not moving, while he was moving a lot,” Arndt spoke in his native language of Swedish.“So we stopped and thought, ‘This is very strange.’”

Jonnson was the first to approach the convict asking “what are you doing?”. It was then that Turner hopped up, startled, after finishing his “aggressive thrusting” of his hips into the victim. As convicted felon Brock Turner made a run for it he was tackled by both students and called the police. Both Arndt and Jonsson both testified in court to put this rapist behind bars and was helpful every step of the way.

These are two young men that should be getting the attention of the media as a whole and not the criminal Brock Turner. There needs to be a spotlight on people who stand up for women when these women couldn’t even stand up. There needs to be honor and respect for someone that takes action against injustice instead of supporting it or covering it up. The judge who ruled on this case is taking some heavy heat from citizens due to such a soft and lenient judgement against Brock Turner. It doesn’t matter if he could have played in the olympics or if what he did could possibly ruin his life or if his parents are wealthy. He should have to pay the price and luckily these two brave students were able to bring justice to a very ugly situation.

The judge who persecuted Brock Turner now has a petition against him requesting that the judge be removed from office. There were over one million signatures in a petition to have “the honorable” Judge Aaron Persky be removed from his position. This petition was created because many people believe that the Stanford student was let off entirely too easily by the Judge having to only serve 3-months in jail with good behavior. This sentence could have been almost as long as a decade had he paid the full price for “20 minutes of action” as the perpetrators father so honorably stated in a letter to the judge.

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